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Last updated 59 weeks ago

Ooo. :o
I forgot the password to mwandie and my laptop blew up, so I logged into this account to read my friends page as I'm boredddd without my laptop. :(

Oh wow.

I just did oodles and doodles of freaking out ness.
I don't even remember deleting this lj, but realized it was and I couldn't remember when I deleted it, so thought it was past the 30 days and I'd lost it. :o I was like ahhh no I've lost lots of memories and stuff. :'(

But yay it's back, and I'll never delete any lj's again, lol. Due to fear of forgetting and loosing things. :o

Anyywayyy, I don't know if anyone here knows, but I have a new lj kizt comment on the friends only comment bla bla post over there, and I'll add you. ;)

This should be interesting!!

If you had me alone... locked up in your room and I had to do whatever you wanted me to, what would you do with me? (You can do ANYTHING you want, anything goes, and you won't get in trouble...) What would you do..? Reply and then repost this in your journal...you might be surprised with the responses you get. They could make you laugh, smile or something altogether different.

I better get at least one dirty answer or I'll be very mad!! :(